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Chic was launched in 2009 by Fay Tamas with the assistance of her 2 daughters Sara and Samira Behyari. The store is renowned for unique and high quality garments. The traditional needs of middle eastern women are met with in all garments however still adding flair and style of today’s runways. The Chic family first began in 2007 when partnerships were established with a range of high fashion Garment designed by well known designers from the Australian fashion industry, offering garments that were unique to the Emirates. While this was innovating and successful, Fay had a vision to create top quality Abayas to suit the individuality of middle eastern women, while ensuring the ability to encourage self expression within the essence of cutting edge design and flair.

With her back ground in fashion and textile which she obtained at the Auckland Fashion Institute in New Zealand and also continued her studies in Melbourne, Australia in 1993 , she began her journey creating her own unique designs of Abayas. Fay was born and raised in the middle east and had a passion to improve and impact the fashion industry using her knowledge and fashion sense of the local Emirate women. The Chic family now offers a vast collection of Fays Designs in the finest of silks from Japan and top quality lace from Italy and France in store recognised around the emirates and beyond. Fay’s vision started with a dream which has now become a reality where she can share the Chic brand with women all around the World.

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our beilives makes us a great nation.
chic oz couture vision and aim to embrace United Arab Emirates cultures and traditions .
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